Crisis Corner


Dear Association Member:

In our continued effort to expand the services available to our members, we are now able to offer Membership Assistance Services for you and your family members from Healthcare Assistance with Member Support at no charge.

If you or family members need assistance with stress, mental health or substance addiction, totally confidential help is available by calling 1-888-828-7826.  Healthcare Assistance with Member Support is your personal referral service for association members. Terry Livorsi is a certified member assistance counselor we have identified to help our members seeking compassionate inpatient or outpatient quality care and counseling. Call for confidential consultation if you or your loved ones have one or more of these problems:


Drug and alcohol dependence     

Stress related conditions


Addictions of all kinds

Explosive anger

Low energy

Concentration difficulties

Adolescent problems

Family problems

Job stress

Relationship problems

Job discipline problems related to health



Healthcare Assistance with Member Support can help you remedy unmanageable problems at home, at the work place, within your family or with important relationships.  Doorstep service is available to help you with clinical interventions: to find treatment, to obtain medical documentation, to obtain assistance with employment discipline and to support you when you need patient advocacy for health benefits, sick leave or disability requirements.

Association members find Terry to be a very helpful service provider and resourceful friend.


Janice A. Boski

 HCMAS Stress Alert

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