District Evaluations 2011- 2012 School Year


Click on the link to view the Lakewood School District Teacher Evaluation Rubric.

Get ready now for new evaluation system

Yes, it’s true. All New Jersey school districts will be implementing a new formula to evaluate teachers in 2013-14.In addition, school districts should be either in the process of establishing a committee to recommend a new framework for evaluating “teacher practice” – the portion of evaluation including observations — or reaffirming their current research-based framework. For most districts, the committee needs to be established by November and the framework selected by January 2013.NJEA recommends that members and local associations consider the following tips to ensure that they are ready and that the district evaluation program adopted is comprehensive, collaborative, and fair.

Tips for members

  • Stay informed. Pay attention to what is happening in your district and statewide regarding evaluation.
  • Take an active part in your association. Volunteer to be on the association’s Staff Evaluation Committee or assist the local in other ways. Make your voice heard to help build a fair, reliable, and valid evaluation system.
  • If asked to serve on the district evaluation advisory committee, remember that you are  representing all staff in the district.
  • Participate fully in the training on evaluation. Evaluation should not be a one-way street, with administrators doing all the talking. Read and learn everything about the evaluation framework that your district plans to implement. Evaluation should spark a conversation about ways to enhance teaching and learning, provide support, and encourage collaboration among staff.
  • Follow your local association’s advice. Be prepared to share your evaluation with the local association evaluation committee or your association representative.
  • Review your locally negotiated contract and know the provisions related to evaluation.
  • Don’t “evaluate” colleagues or offer feedback to supervisors/administrators about other staff. Unless you are a certified supervisor hired by the district specifically as a supervisor, you should not be conducting or contributing to an evaluation. Remember, mentoring and coaching are collaborative, collegial relationships.
  • If questions arise or something in your evaluation doesn’t  feel  or  sound  right, contact your association. Make sure that changes in procedures, forms, observations, or other aspects of evaluation are legitimate and not being implemented by an administrator who wants to do something different or just move ahead.
  • Learn to be proactive in preparing for and documenting data related to your evaluation and your work with students. Keep accurate records of your observations, class demographics, professional development, and student progress. Use the “NJEA Resource Guide on Evaluation for Teachers” available on the NJEA website to keep records that play a key role in evaluation. Under “Issues” on the NJEA home page, click on “Evaluation” to find the downloadable document.
  • Don’t assume that this will go away. A new evaluation system will be adopted in New Jersey. Our job is to make it the best system possible.

District Evaluations:

Click a link below to review district evaluations forms and rubrics:

Evaluation Form School Counselor

Evaluation Rubric School Counselor

Evaluation Form For Paraprofessionals

Evaluation Form For Instructional Specialist

Evaluation Form Library Media Specialist

Evaluation Rubric Library Media Specialsit

Evaluation Form Nurses

Evaluation Rubric Nurses

Evaluation Form School Psychologist

Evaluation Rubric School Psychologist

Evaluation Form Therapists

Evaluation Rubric Therapists

Evaluation Form Coaches

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