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All members should sign onto when you receive your membership card.  Please verify the information on your profile.  Your address, phone number, and school  information needs to be updated by you during the year if there are any changes.  Just because you change it with Human Resources, does not mean it is updated on the NJEA database. 

2010-2011 Dues breakdown:

  National State County Local Total
Professional 166.00 761.00 30.00 152.00 $1,109.00
Support 96.50 373.00 30.00 102.00 $601.50

Please review your paystubs to ensure that dues are being taken out.    PAC and philanthropic would be additional deductions. 

During an unpaid leave your dues are stopped.  Please verify that they resume when you return.

If you have any problems or concerns in regards to NJEA dues or any membership concerns please contact me.  My email is  I am at the Clarke Annex if you need to send me something by interoffice mail.  The phone number is 732-886-3770. 

Maureen Pribila

LEA membership chair









Contact: – Membership Chairperson

Signing into

Frequently asked questions

Q. I know my PIN number can be found on my membership card, but I don’t know my password.

A. Your password is the last four digits of your Social Security number unless you’ve changed it. If you’ve changed it and can’t remember it, click here and enter your e-mail address and your PIN. If the e-mail address entered is the same one we have on file, we will send you an e-mail with your password. Reminder: if you change your e-mail address, make sure to update your profile on in order to continue receiving e-mail correspondence from NJEA.

Q. I know my password but I can’t find my card or my PIN. Do I need a new PIN?

A. As long as you know your password, and you have a valid e-mail address on file with NJEA, click here and enter your password and your e-mail address, and your PIN will be e-mailed to you. You may also log in using your e-mail address (provided it is on file with NJEA) and your password (the last four digits of your Social Security number unless you’ve changed it).

Q. I have entered my correct PIN and password, but it doesn’t work. What do I do?

A. Your PIN is a 6-digit number which is comprised of two letters, followed by two numbers, and two more letters. Make sure you are not typing in a zero in place of the letter “O” or a number 1 in place of the letter “I”. This will result in an incorrect PIN.

Q. I have entered my PIN and my password and I am receiving a message that I am not an active member. What do I do?

A. If you follow the steps above and are still having trouble logging in, the PIN or password we have on file is not matching the ones you entered. Please contact NJEA Membership at (609)599-4561 for assistance.

Q. I am a new member and haven’t gotten my membership card. How do I access the site?

A. When NJEA receives your membership form and it is entered into the system, you should receive an e-mail with your PIN and a link to your temporary membership card. You can immediately use your PIN to access the resources in Members Only, and you can use your temporary card until you receive your permanent membership card in the mail.

Q. Can I change my PIN and password to something easier for me to remember?

A. You can change your password, but not your PIN. To change your password, log in using your current PIN and password. On your profile page click the “edit” button next to your password to change it. You may change any of your personal contact information in the same manner.

Q. Nothing seems to be working. Is there someone I can contact at NJEA for assistance?

A. Use the Contact NJEA online form to report your problem, or call (609)599-4561 and ask for Membership.

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